11 – 15 May 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark

Travel Info

Before you arrange your trip to Denmark, please check if you need a visa.

Getting to Copenhagen

By air

Most travellers will reach Copenhagen by air. Copenhagen Airport is located on the island of Amager east of Copenhagen. From the airport, you can reach the city centre by train or metro. See the website for help.

SAS Discount

SAS is the Official Airline for EUROCRYPT 2014 and offers participants a 10% conference discount on published fares (except 2% on the lowest Economy fares). To obtain the discount log in with the designated event code DK1406 at SAS Conference booking engine and book your flight on SAS and Widerøe.

By rail

The central train station is Københavns Hovedbanegård. This station is, of course, in the city centre and is well connected to other stations in Copenhagen. The website can help you find your way from the central station to your hotel.

By road

If you reach Copenhagen by car, use Google maps or your GPS (SatNav) to find your hotel. Don't forget to have your lights on while driving, also during the day...

Getting from the airport to Hotel Scandic Copenhagen

To get to Hotel Scandic Copenhagen (the conference venue) you can either

take the Metro to Nørreport Station, then walk or take an S-train,

take a train to Københavns Hovedbanegård (Copenhagen Central Station), then walk or take an S-train,

take a taxi directly (should be around DKK 400).

See the website for help.


From Nørreport station and from Københavns Hovedbanegård you can take an S-train to Vesterport station (takes 2-3 minutes).

Walking distances to Hotel Scandic Copenhagen

from Nørreport Station, 1.3 km,

from Vesterport Station, 200 m,

from Københavns Hovedbanegård, 650 m.

Public transportation

The price you pay for your journey depends on which zones you travel through; you count the number of zones between your starting point and the point on your journey which is farthest away from your starting point, and that is how many zones you need to pay for. This is not necessarily equal to the number of zones that you travel through. The easiest way to figure out how many zones you need to pay for is by using the zone maps located at all stations and bus stops. Note that in some cases, the number of zones from A to B is not the same as the number of zones from B to A! If you are confused, you can use to check the price of your journey. You can also read more about public transportation in Copenhagen here.